Speakers from Previous MSO Annual Sessions

2023 – 86th Annual Session MSO/RMSO in Rochester, Minnesota
   2023 Onsite Program 

Dr. Patrick Briscoe – Fuel Your Passion

Dr. Tom Salinas – The Role of the Orthodontist in Reconstruction of Tumor Ablative Defects of the Jaws

Dr. Kristen Lowe – Orthodontic Management of Cleft Lip and Palate

Dr. Derek Steinbacher – Anesthetic Optimization of Orthognathic Surgery

Dr. Sherry Chesak – A Mindful Approach to Building a Resilient Healthcare Workforce: Evidence Based Methods for Engendering Individual and Team Resilience

Dr. John Weroha – Cancer Patients and the Lessons They Taught Me

Dr. Shelagh Cofer – Intersection of Dental Specialties with Surgical Care of Individuals with Oral Clefting

Dr. Ki Beom Kim – Maxillomandibular Expansion for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Patients

Dr. Robin Lloyd – Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Dr. Brent Larson – To Print or Not to Print: That is the Question

2022 – 85th Annual Session MSO/SAO/SWSO in Austin, Texas
   2022 Onsite Program 

Ms. Denise Yohn – Leadership for Now & Next

Dr. Jep Paschal – Leveraging 3D Printing and Sagittal First to Improve Patient Desires and Empower Your Practice

Mr. Dino Watt – Designing the Ultimate Dream Team

Dr. Amy Jackson – Maximize Practice Profits and Stop Saying Goodbye to Your Patients

Dr. Geoff Sudit – It’s Not About You: The Hard Lesson to Keep Relearning While Building Your Business

Mr. Charles Loretto – Financial Decisions the Orthodontist Must Get Right: Flipping Uncertainty Into Security

Ms. Andrea Cook – The Nuts and Bolts of Office Systems

Dr. Brandon Owen – Digital, Custom Braces: Unlocking the Aligner Workflow for Every Patient

Ms. Shannon Patterson – Are Changing Demographics and Economics Creating a Seismic Shift in Practice Modalities?

Dr. Jeannie Moody – S#!t Show to Shinning Stars: How 1% Changes Can Change Everything

Dr. Abdal Kawaiah – Maxillary Skeletal Expansion (MSE) for Adults Assisted by TADs

Ms. Cathy Jugovic & Ms. Angie Menendez – Make Your Office Run Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Dr. Ernest McDowell – How to Sell Your Orthodontic Practice

Dr. Tom Shannon – Beyond Aligners: 3D Print Everything You Need In-Office

Dr. Tito Norris – Alternatives for Implants in the Esthetic Zone

Ms. Jill Allen – The Orthodontic Office of the Future

Dr. Abdal Kawaiah – The Second Most Popular MSE Assisted by TADs: Hands-on From A-Z

Dr. Onur Kadioglu – Let’s Learn Photography

Ms. LeeAnn Peniche – Strength in Strategy

Dr. Mark Lowe – The Evolution of Clear Aligner Therapy

Ms. Laura Diamond & Dr. Jesse Teng – Risk Management and Patient Records — What Every Doctor Needs to Know

Dr. Chad Carter – Digital Nasoalveolar Molding for Cleft Lip and Palate

Ms. Mari Sawtelle Dunn – Maximizing Your Inventory Dollars

Mr. Chris Bentson & Dr. Alyssa Carter – Porch Talks with Chris Bentson: When Going All In Truly Means “All In”

Ms. Tracy Martin – Show Me the Money: Fee Presentations, Financial Transparency and the Changing Demands of Millennial Consumers

Dr. Matthew Ng – Practice Management Considerations for the New and Younger Doctor

Dr. Graham Gardner – Dr. Gardner’s Invisalign Emporium

Mr. Neil Harrison – Attracting New Patients: The Digital Journey

Dr. Mehdi Peikar – BRIUS: Not Braces, Not Aligners. Independent Mover!

Dr. Rooz Khosravi – How to Establish an Efficient In-Office Aligner System

Ms. Preity Bhagia – Efficiency Bootcamp for Your Ortho Practice

Mr. Steven Gardner – Using Artificial Intelligence for Precision Bracket Placement: A Real-World Discussion with Doctors

2021 – 84th Annual Session MSO in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
   2021 Onsite Program

Dr. Matt Larson – Pearls to Keep Your Practice Positive and Efficient

Dr. Russ Kittleson – Reality of Orthodontics

Dr. Neal Kravitz – A Guide to People Management: Understanding Your Patients' and Staffs' Personality Types

Dr. Neal Kravitz – What I Wish I knew Sooner

Dr. Ed Lin – Ultra-Efficient Digital Orthodontic Workflow with 3D Digital Orthodontics

Drs. Brent & Matt Larson – Leveraging Digital Technology for Practice Success

Ms. Michelle Shimmin – Empower Your Team: Thrive!

2020 – 83rd Annual Session MSO/PCSO/RMSO/SWSO as a virtual meeting
   2020 Program

Dr. Nicloe Wax – Completing the Circle for Practice/Business Growth: Goals, Leadership, Culture

Dr. Jep Paschal – In-House Digital Orthodontics: Lessons from the Last 4 Years

Ms. Elizabeth Conforti – Elevate Your New Patient Experience: A Customized Approach

Dr. Rebecca Bockow – How Breathing Habits Influence Skeletal Growth and Development

Ms. Mary Rickert Lord – Your Resistance is Showing - Hands-On Approaches to Change

Dr. John Graham – The Go Giver Orthodontic Practice: Growing a Practice Through Meaningful, Intentional Giving

Dr. John Graham – The Orthodontist's Role in Pediatric OSA: Who's Watching Our Children?

Dr. Benjamin Pliska – Sleep Disordered Breathing and Orthodontics - Separating Fact from Fiction

Dr. Stuart Frost – Sagittal First Approach Utilizing Early Light Elastics and PSL

Dr. Jamie Reynolds – Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

2019 – 82nd Annual Session MSO in Branson, Missouri
    2019 Onsite Program

Dr. Richard Roblee – Interdisciplinary Management of Esthetic and Restorative Dilemmas

Dr Ki Beom Kim – Management of OSA Patients from the Orthodontist Perspectives

Dr. Vince Kokich, Jr – Interdisciplinary Collaboration: An Approach to Optimize Treatment Outcomes for the Complex Orthodontic Patient

Ms. Nancy Hyman – Your Team is Your Greatest Asset...Building Blocks of Referral and Patient Enrollment Strategies!

Ms. Carol Eaton – Pulling Together Interdisciplinary Orthodontics

2018 – 81th Annual Session MSO in Bloomington, Minnesota

     2018 Onsite Program

Dr. Willy Dayan – Own Your ClinCheck, So You Can Treat Patients with Aligners to the Same Place as Wires...And Then Better

Dr. Shane Langley – Efficiencies of Treating Complex Open Bite and Class II Cases with Esthetic Treatment Modalities and Direct Bonding Techniques Using Light Curing Adhesives

Dr. Andy Hayes – Simplified and Efficient Treatment of Class II Malocclusions Using Intermaxillary Class II Correction Devices

Dr. Mike Bicknell – A Paradigm Shift in Digital Retention

Mr. Jamie Miller – Dawn of the Digital Dental Clinician

Mr. Paul Gange, Jr – Bond Failure Reduction on all Substrates

Mr. Sean Murphy – AAO's Mini-Legal Course for Orthodontists

Dr. Peter Ngan – Growth Potential and Stability of Early Class III Treatment

Drs. Thorsten Greunheid & Robert Nadeau – Surgical-Orthodontic Interactions During Treatment of Interdiscliplinary Cases

Mr. Gary Johnson – Creating the All American Team and WOWED! Using the Principles of WOW to Create Incredible Customer Service

Ms. Andrea Cook – Developing Your "Clinical Excellence" and I Quit, But Forgot to Tell You

Ms. Katie Maassen – Marketing Orthodontics in the Modern Age

2017 – 80th Annual Session MSO/GLAO/SWSO in New Orleans, Louisiana
   2017 Onsite Program

Dr. David Sarver – Esthetics & Orthodontics

Dr. Ann-Marie Gorczyca – Marketing Tips & Consumer Service

Dr. Ann-Marie Gorczyca – Beyond the Morning Huddle & teamwork

Dr. Clark Colville – Invisalign: The Five Keys to Achieving Excellent Clinical Success

Ms. Sarah Keller – Embracing Change: Obstacles & Steps to Take it to the Next Level and The Art of Exceptional Communication (Part 1) Strategies and Tools to Overcome Communication Barriers

Ms. Sarah Keller – The Art of Exceptional Communication (Part 2) The Exceptional Experience: Pulling it All Together to Create It

Dr. Dan Rinchuse – Evidence Based Clinical Orthodontics

2016 – 79th Annual Session MSO in Chicago, Illinois
2016 Onsite Program

Dr. Harry Legan – A Brief Synopsis of 35 Years Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Mr. Bryan Currier – IT for the Modern Ortho Practice

Mr. Merritt Dake, Dani White, Jake Gulik – Evolution of Dentistry: And What it Means for Orthodontics

Dr. Roberto Hernandez Orsini – Contemporary Orthodontics: Expanding Our Scope in Treatment Planning

Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis – Micro-Osteoperforation and Accelerated Tooth Movement

Mr. Bruce Christopher – Are We Having Fun Yet? Humor and Peak Performance in Your Practice

Ms. Mary Kay Miller – The Ins and Outs of Internet Marketing in a Dynamic Digital World

Ms. Char Eash – Profitability by Job Design: Communicating a Common Vision That Will Grow Your Orthodontic Practice Today

2015 – 78th Annual Session MSO in Rochester, Minnesota

   2015 Onsite Program

Dr. Amit Sood – Stress Management and Resiliency

Dr. Ann Kearns – Optimizing Bone Health Across the Life Span

Dr. Richard Weinshilboum – Precision Medicine in Drug Use

Dr. Nilay Shah – The Patient Revolution

Dr. Scott Wright – Heart Disease – Can We Prevent or Modify It? Heart Valve Replacement Without Heart Surgery: Is the Future Here?

Dr. Cory Ingram – In Service of Others: Caring for Seriously Ill People and Their Families

Dr. Seema Kumar – Obesity in Our Children and the Long Term Effects on the Health of These Individuals

Dr. Sandhya Pruthi – Women at Increased Risk for Breast Cancer: An Individualized Approach - Stratigies to Reduce Risk

Dr. Brent Larson – Success, Happiness and Why Treatment Planning Matters: An Interactive Experience

Dr. Thorsten Gruenheid – Personalized Orthodontic Appliances: Where Are We Headed and Why Do We Need Them?

Dr. Gary Anderson – TMD in the Busy Orthodontic Practice

Dr. Michael Rohrer – Oral Pathology for the Orthodontist

Dr. Heather Whitney Sesma – Enhancing the Patient Experience for Patients with Autism Spectrum and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Ms. Amy Kirsh – Overcoming the Top Five Challenges Facing Successful Orthodontic Practices Today and Improving Patient Relations in Going from Average to Great

2014 – 77th Annual Session MSO/GLAO in Chicago, Illinois
   2014 Onsite Program

Dr. Roberto Justus – Deproteinization of Tooth Enamel Surfaces to Prevent White Spot Lesions and Bracket Bond Failure: A Revolution in Orthodontic Bonding

Dr. Katherine Vig – Root Resorption and Orthodontic Tooth Movement

Dr. Thomas Cangialosi – Aspects of Vertical Dimension and Anterior Open Bite

Mr. Paul Zuelke – Practice Security

Dr. Eustaquino Araujo – Teeth and Ideas in Movement: A Potpourri of Orthodontic Pearls, Class II and Class III Controversies

Dr. Patrick Turley – The Latest on Facemask/Palatal Expansion Therapy for the Growing Class III Patient

Mr. Bruce Manchion – Building Productivity of Putting Teamwork to Work

Ms. LeeAnn Peniche and Mr. Paul Zuelke – P.O.P. Culture: People, Operations and that Order

2013 – 76th Annual Session MSO in Kansas City, Missouri
   2013 Onsite Program

Dr. Mark Berkman – Evidence Based Aesthetics: Practicing with Certainty on Smiles

Dr. Aaron Molen – The Past, Present and Future of 3D Orthodontics: Integrating CBCT into Clinical Orthodontics

Dr. Chung Kau – Innovation with Accelerated Tooth Movement

Drs. Sebastian Baumgaertel and Abraham Lifshitz – Current Innovations and Research Associated with TADs Use in Orthodontics

Postgraduate Orthodontic Residents Lead by Drs. Laura Iwasaki and Jeffrey Nickel – In-House Digital Modeling Workshop at UMKC

Ms. Amy Kirsch – Scheduling for Success Lecture Handout

Ms. Amy Kirsch – The High Performing Orthodontic Team Lecture Handout

Ms. Cathy Sundvall – Practice Management Efficiency and Focus

Ms. Cathy Sundvall – Maximizing Your Marketing with Customer Service

Ms. Mary Kay Miller – Internet Marketing, the Endless Game: Are You Proactive, Reactive or Interactive When Promoting Your Practice Online?

2012 – 75th Annual Session MSO on the ms Westerdam in Alaska
   2012 Onsite Program

Ms. Rosemary Bray – Getting on Board with Customer Service; Smooth Sailing with Communication; Terrific Teamwork to Cruise to Success

Dr. Anoop Sondhi – Contemporary Orthodontic Treatment with Variable Prescription Orthodontics

Dr. Lee Graber – Not My Father's Orthodontics

Dr. Vince Kokich, Sr. – Maxillary Lateral Incisor Implants: Overcoming the Esthetic Challenge; Orthodontic Finishing: Art or Science; Altering Adult Vertical Dimension: How to Decide What to Do?

2011 – 74th Annual Session MSO in Chicago, Illinois
Meeting held in conjunction with the American Association of Orthodontists' Annual Session in May 2011

2010 – 73rd Annual Session MSO/SAO in Colorado Springs, Colorado
   2010 Onsite Program

Dr. Michael McDevitt – Orthodontics for the Periodontitis Susceptible Patient

Dr. Charles Alexander – Alexander Coaching Clinic for Adult Patients...Game Planning for Success

Dr. Uche Odiatu – The Total Body Makeover: Peak Performance for the Dental Team

Ms. Leil Lowndes – How to Talk to Anybody About Anything

Dr. Brent Larson – Practicing in the Present while Preparing for the Future – An Interactive Journey

Dr. Rohit Sachdeva – Transformed Clinical Orthodontics Through Hindsight; Insight and Foresight: A Personal Journey

Mr. Steve McEvoy – 10 Sensational Do-It-Yourself Technologies to Spice up Your Practice

2009 – 72nd Annual Session MSO in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Heather Whitney Sesma, PhD, LP – Autism, ADD/ADHD...What Every Orthodontist Should Know! < click here for a pdf file >

Dr. Dan Carey – Weight, Exercise, and Health <click here for a pdf file>

Dr. Leo Sinna – Journey to the Dark Side: Allegations and Liability: Reasons You Could Be Sued <click here for a pdf file>

David Satin, MD – Not Another Boring Informed Consent Lecture <click here for a pdf file>

Dr. Jerry Brunsoman – Nose, Lips and Chin: Esthetic Opportunities to Enhance Orthodontic Outcomes <click here for a pdf file>

Laura Wills, MD – Sleep Apnea and Airway – The Pediatric Perspective <click here for a pdf file>

Dr. Tony DiAngelis – Snoring and Sleep Apnea – Oral Appliance Therapy <click here for a pdf file>

Dr. Mansur Ahmad – One Year of CBCT for Orthodontic Patients – What Did We Find?

Dr. Roj Gopalakrishnan – From the Files of Oral Pathology <click here for a pdf file>

Dr. Patrick Lloyd – The Role of the Dental Therapist in Orthodontics <click here for a pdf file>

Dr. Alan Law – It's Alive: Revascularization of the Necrotic Immature Tooth – What Every Orthodontist Should Know <click here for a pdf file>

2008 – 71th Annual Session MSO in Iowa City, Iowa
Dr. James Hilgers – Old Problems, New Solutions...a Primer Focusing on New Tools in Orthodontics

Drs. John Casko, Kirk Fridrich, Steven Marshall, Karin Southard and Thomas Southard – Practical Orthodontic Treatment and Recent Research Findings

Dr. Jack Fisher – Advancing the Art and Science of Orthodontic Anchorage

Dr. Jack Fisher – TAD Placement Course

2007 – 70th Annual Session MSO/GLAO/SWSO in San Antonio, Texas
Dr. Keith Sherwood – Implant Anchored Orthodontics and Management of Impacted Teeth: The Orthodontist as Captain of the Ship

Dr. John W. Graham – Laser Enhanced Orthodontics

Dr. J. Clifton Alexander – iBraces: The 100% Customized and Esthetic Orthodontic Appliance with Complete Control

Dr. Harry L. Legan – An Orthodontic Update on Orthognathic Surgery, Distraction Osteogenesis and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Mr. Paul Gange – A Complete Course on Bonding

Ms. Cathy Sundvall – Practice Euphoria – Improving Quality, Performance and Service

Ms. Rita Bauer – Clinical Photography

2006 – 69th Annual Session MSO in St. Louis, Missouri
Dr. David M. Sarver – Appearance, Orthodontics and Esthetic Concepts in Orthodontics

Dr. Gerald S. Samson – Teeth in Motion: Renegades and Rascals

Dr. Michael Williams – Advancements in 3-Dimensional Tissue Engineering for Enhanced Nonsurgical Dentofacial Orthopedics and Long-Term Soft Tissue Cosmetic Results

Dr. Dwight H. Damon – Light Clinical Forces and Their Impact on the Face, Muscle, Bone and Soft Tissue

Dr. Jason B. Cope – Treatment Planning for Mini-screw Implants
University Resident Research Presentations

Dr. Brody J. Hildebrand – The Restorative-Orthodontic Interface: A Few Diagnostic, Treatment Planning and Sequencing Tips

Dr. James A. McNamara – Optimizing Treatment Timing: When to Start and What to Do

Dr. Eustaquino A. Araujo – When Early May Be the Appropriate Time for Treatment

Mr. William C. Sutton – The Successful Practice in 2006 “OWNS” High-Touch, High-Tech Service

Dr. Ronald M. Roncone – JSOP Orthodontics—Just Short of Perfect

Dr. Donald P. Lewis – Developing an Internal Control System to Avoid Embezzlement

Mr. Bruce Christopher – Bambi vs. Godzilla: Dealing with Difficult People: Keys to Empowered Communication

Mr. Mike Minicky and Ms. Cathy Seeger – Important Information You Need to Know Concerning OSHA

2005 – 68th Annual Session MSO/WFO in Paris, France
Numerous speakers of the 6th International Orthodontic Congress of the World Federation of Orthodontists

2004 – 67th Annual Session MSO/GLAO in Chicago, Illinois
Mr. William C. Sutton – Your Recall Should be Worth $1,000,000, Is It?!

Dr. Rohit C. L. Sachdeva – Crossing the Quality Chasm in Orthodontics

Mr. Bruce Christopher – Are We Having Fun Yet?

Dr. James J. Hilgers – The Best @*%#! Orthodontic Ideas, Ever

Dr. Joseph V. Mauro – Bioesthetic Integrated Orthognathic Surgery

Drs. L. Douglas Knight and Barry D. Hilligan – Interdisciplinary Goal Directed Treatment “The Orthodontists Role”

Dr. Straty Righellis – Clinical Orthodontics for Orthodontic Staff—You Do Make a Difference

Dr. David W. Schrody – Understanding the Cause of Marks on the Teeth Associated with Braces and Preventative Strategies that Work

Mr. Paul Gange – A Condensed Course on Orthodontic Bonding Procedures

Dr. Straty Righellis – Interdisciplinary Care—What You Need to Know to Help Your Patients

Dr. David C. Hatcher – Clinical Applications of Digital and 3D Imaging

Dr. Barry Sears – Silent Inflammation, Chronic Disease, and Aging

Dr. Terry A. Selke – Hiring, Training and Retaining Great Staff and Scheduling that Really Works

Dr. Thomas Southard – Practical Biomechanics

Ms. Joan Garbo – The Spirit of Work

Drs. Ron and Bailey Jacobson – Cleft Lip and Palate Treatment: Aim High!

Dr. Chester S. Handelman – Condylar Resorption—The Orthodontist’s Nightmare

Dr. Mark Hans – Orthodontics—Science of the Art

Dr. David R. Musich – Lessons Learned from Patient Retreatment: An Analysis of 100 Patients Who Had Orthodontics as Children and Who Sought Retreatment as Adults

Dr. Mart G. McClellan – Starting on the Right Foot of Your Financial Journey

2003 – 66th Annual Session MSO/SWSO/GLAO in New Orleans, Louisiana
Dr. Vincent Kokich – Interdisciplinary Guidelines for Managing the Debilitated Adult Dentition

Dr. G. William Arnett – Facial Esthetics, Orthodontics and Orthognathic Surgery

Dr. David M. Sarver – The Aging Face

Dr. Roger P. Levin – Orthodontic Growth and Success in the 21st Century

2002 – 65th Annual Session MSO in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Dr. Joe Mayes – Lean Thinking Orthodontics

Dr. Terry Dischinger – Full Face Orthopediacs without Regards to Patient Cooperation

Dr. John R. (Bob) Smith – Mastering Case Management

2001 – 64th Annual Session MSO/GLAO in Palm Desert, California
Dr. David C. Hamilton – The Requisites for Successful Early Orthopedics and Facial Growth Modification—Individual Patient Care Versus Conclusions Promulgated by Prospective Studies

Dr. John E. Grubb – Digital Radiography and Photography for Your Clinical Practice Future

Dr. Robert J. Isaacson – E-Model/Casts—A 3-D Digital Orthodontic Patient Record

Dr. James A. McNamara – Treatment Timing; When to Start?

Dr. Donald R. Joondeph – Planning Treatment to Optimize Facial Aesthetics

2000 – 63rd Annual Session MSO/SWSO in New Orleans, Louisiana
Ms. Charlene White – Team Power for the Orthodontic Team

Dr. Vincent G. Kokich – Single-Tooth Implants: The Orthodontic-Restorative Connection

Dr. C. Moody Alexander – Value Added Orthodontics

Dr. Larry M. Wolford – The State of the Art in Management of Dentofacial Deformities and TMJ Dysfunction

Dr. Anoop Sondhi – Reliable and Consistent Bracket Placement: Finishing Details in Orthodontic Treatment

1999 – 62nd Annual Session MSO/GLAO in Chicago, Illinois
Dr. Richard Walker – Understanding Your Computer—A Primer for the Orthodontists and Staff

Dr. Richard Walker – The Internet: Much More Than E-Mail

Mr. Steve Seltzer – Update on New Technologies for Management, Marketing, Communications and Patient Cooperation

Dr. Robert Scholz – Using Digital Cameras and Acquiring and Using Digital Imaging

Ms. Char Eash – Developing and Keeping the Positive, Personal Relationship in this High-Tech World

Dr. Paul Thomas – Digital Imaging for Orthodontics and Orthognathic Surgery

1998 – 61st Annual Session MSO in St. Louis, Missouri
Dr. Lysle Johnston, Jr. – Functional Appliances and Growth Modification

Dr. Gerald Denehy – Adjunctive Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures for Orthodontics

Dr. Stephen Schendel – Adjunctive Procedures for Orthognathic Surgery

Dr. Anthony Gianelly – One-Phase vs. Two-Phase Treatment — Class II Non-Extraction Treatment

1997 – 60th Annual Session MSO in Rochester, Minnesota
Ed Laskowski, MD – How to Take a Hit and Still Stay Fit

Sally Trippel, MD – Travel Medicine: What to Know Before You Go

Shawn O’Driscoll, MD – Current State of Cartilage Regeneration and Repair

Robert Jacobsen, MD – Chronic Nasal Congestion: A Pediatrician’s Diagnostic Approach and Management

Kevin Reid, DMD – Orofacial Pain Mechanisms

Dusica Babovic, MD – Advances in Genetics and Clinical Practice

David Farley, MD – Minimally Invasive Surgery: A General Surgeon’s Perspective

John Shepard, MD – Snoring: Social and Medical Consequences

Don Hensrud, MD – Dietary Supplements from Antioxidants to Zinc

Ruth Stoeckel, MA – Relationship of Dental Structures to Speech and Language Problems in Children and Adolescents

Don Hensrud, MD – Weight Management: Is it a Losing Battle?

Richard Robb, PhD – Applications of Virtual Reality in Surgery and Medicine

Uldis Bite, MD – Management of Cleft Lip and Palate

Michael Davis – Adolescent Substance Abuse: Something to Sink Your Teeth Into

Nick Hangiandreou, PhD – Digital Radiography and Image Management

Brian Kaihoi – Internet Use in Medicine

1996 – 59th Annual Session MSO in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Dr. T. M. Graber – Malpractice Mania

Dr. Harold T. Perry – TMJ – Where Are We Now, How Did We Get Here and Where are We Going?

Dr. Charles Blair – Practice Profitability Analysis, Managed Care Issues, and Practice Valuations

Dr. Donald J. Ferguson – Getting Excellent Results Post-Surgery

1995 – 58th Annual Session MSO/SWSO in Kansas City, Missouri
Dr. T. M. Graber – Ethical Dangers in 1995—An Attractive Solution to Orthodontic Problems; A Clinical View

Dr. Rolf G. Behrents – Junk Cases and Their Solutions – The Problems of Retention

Dr. Ze’ev Davidovitch – Biological Responses of Paradental Cells to Mechanical and Electrical Perturbations

1994 – 57th Annual Session MSO/GLAO in Chicago, Illinois
Dr. Vincent G. Kokich – Excellence in Finishing: Modifications for the Perio/Restorative Patient—Missing Maxillary Laterals: Bridges, Implants or Substitution?

Dr. Patrick K. Turley – Early Management of the Developing Class III Malocclusion

Dr. Robert L. Boyd – Non-Extraction Orthodontics via Dental Arch Expansion: What is the Periodontal Liability and Long Term Stability?

Dr. Bruce H. Epker – Monitoring the Orthodontic Surgical Patient: Etiology and Management of Complications

1993 – 56th Annual Session in Rapid City, South Dakota
Mr. Robert L. Speers – Legal Aspects of Standards of Care

Dr. Michael Riolo – The Establishment of Standard of Care for Orthodontic Treatments: What Exists, What is Needed

Dr. Jack Wilson – Dealing with Craniomandibular Disorders in the Orthodontic Practice

Dr. T. Michael Speidel – The Future of Quality Assurance in Orthodontics

Dr. Ward M. Smalley – Osseo-Integrated Implants in Orthodontics, Improving the Standard of Care

Drs. Thomas P. Sperry and James W. McGough – Complications in Orthognathic Surgery—The Practical Application of Standards of Care

1992 – 55th Annual Session in Nashville, Tennessee
Dr. R. G. "Wick" Alexander – The Alexander Discipline—Treatment and Retention for Long-Term Stability

Dr. Donald R. Joondeph – Stability of Anterior Mandibular Repositioning Therapy in TMD Patients—Long Term Stability of Class II Treatments

Dr. Rolf G. Behrents – The Survival of the Orthodontic Treatment Result: The Impact of Growth and Treatment

1991 – 54th Annual Session in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Dr. Richard P. Walker – Computer-Aided Imaging for Orthodontics and Orthognathic Surgery

Ms. Lynda Barbat, Dr. Charles McNeill, Dr. John Rugh – Craniomandibular Disorders. Guidelines for Evaluation, Diagnosis and Management

1990 – 53rd Annual Session in Orlando, Florida
Dr. Robert Kusy – What Really Influences Sliding Mechanics Anyway?

Dr. Joseph Caruso – Current Concepts in Ceramic Brackets and Design in Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Norman Mohl – Functional Anatomy of the Temporomandibular Joint

Dr. Sandy Parrott – How Orthodontists Could Benefit from Mounting Their Cases and the Use of Splint Therapy in Orthodontic Practice

1989 – 52nd Annual Session in St. Louis, Missouri
Dr. Katherine W. L. Dryland-Vig – The Role of the Orthodontist in the Management of Craniofacial Anomalies

Dr. Harry L. Legan – Surgical Treatment of Skeletal Class III Malocclusions

Dr. Lloyd E. Pearson – Non-Surgical Treatment of Open-Bite Malocclusions

Dr. Donald R. Poulton – Surgical Treatment of Open-Bite Malocclusions

1988 – 51st Annual Session in Omaha, Nebraska
Dr. Lysle E. Johnston – The Effect of Fixed and Functional Orthodontic Treatment on Mandibular Growth and Position: A Critical Evaluation of Several Contemporary Hypotheses and Conjectures

Dr. Dennis M. Killiany – Mandibular Function and Its Impact on Condylar Growth

Dr. Frank J. Sobkowski – Diagnostic Imaging: Techno-Development and Bio-Hazard

Dr. Gary L. Carlson – Significant Advances in Orthodontics Through the Routine Use of Study Models Mounted in Centric Relation

Dr. T. M. Graber – TMJ Dysfunction, Orthodontics and the Malpractice Crisis

1987 – 50th Annual Session in Chicago, Illinois
Dr. Lewis Klapper – Evolution of Orthodontic Appliances to Achieve Gnathological Results: From the E Arch to Adjustable Brackets

Dr. Sheldon W. Rosenstein – Graduate Orthodontics: Clinical Training in the Midwest—The Present and the Future

Dr. Donald J. Ferguson – Surgical Orthodontics: A Golden Anniversary of Innovation

Dr. Richard J. Smith – Limitations on Progress in Clinical Orthodontics: What Do We Know, and When Do We Know it?

Dr. Richard W. Ackerman, Jr. – Computerized Treatment Planning and Assessment

Dr. John S. Casko – The Future of Orthodontics: Differential Diagnosis Versus the Panacea Appliance

Dr. Edwin H. K. Yen – Orthodontics as a Specialty? A New Attitude

Dr. Robert N. Moore – Predoctoral and Continuing Education in Orthodontics: Opinions of the Nebraska Dental and Orthodontic Alumni

Dr. T. Michael Speidel – Clinical Orthodontics: Does the Past Predict the Future?

Dr. Lysle Johnston – Through a Glass Darkly: The Future of Orthodontic Research and Education

Dr. John F. Cleall – A Morganatic Marriage—Interdisciplinary Activities

Dr. A. Howard Sather – Stereocephalometric Radiography

Dr. Harold T. Perry – Mandibular Dysfunction: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?

1986 – 49th Annual Session in Kansas City, Missouri
Dr. O. B. Vaughan – Early Recognition & Management of Periodontal Problems as They Present in the Orthodontic Office – Periodontal Surgery for the Orthodontic Patient

Dr. Fred Garrett, Dr. George Quirk – Orthodontics/Orthognathic Surgery—An Integrated Team Approach

Dr. Toshitaka Ogata – Neuromuscular Factors and Airway Consideration in Orthodontics

1985 – 48th Annual Session in Phoenix, Arizona
Dr. Levern Merrifield – Directional Force Technology

Dr. Herbert A. Klontz – Total Space Analysis

Dr. Terrell L. Root – The Level Anchorage System

Dr. Thomas B. Creekmore – Appliance Design and Mechanics for All Situations

Dr. Robert N. Moore – Skeletal Maturity Assessment: It’s More Than Bone Age

Dr. Leslie C. Erickson – Orthodontic Arch Wire Update

1984 – 47th Annual Session in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Dr. Robert P. Scholtz – Second Molar Extraction: Why and When and Interceptive Treatment Procedures in Orthodontics

Dr. Daniel Laskin – TMJ Disorders: The Confusion About Occlusion

Dr. Donald Woodside – Dual Bite

Dr. Sheldon Rosenstein – Surgical and Orthodontic Management of Cleft Lip and Palate

Dr. Charles J. Burstone – New Developments in Edgewise Mechanics

Dr. Ib Leth Nielson – Cephalometric Evaluation of Growth and Treatment Changes and Its Clinical Application

1983 – 46th Annual Session in Hilton Head, South Carolina
Dr. Lennart Wieslander – Intensive Treatment of Severe Class II Malocclusions with a Headgear-Herbst Appliance in the Early Mixed Dentition

Dr. Bjorn Zachrisson – Stripping and Contouring of Anterior Teeth; Unusual Transplants; Retainer Bonding Techniques; Update of Bonding; and New Clinical Findings

Dr. Lloyd Pearson – How to Integrate Functional Appliances into a Traditional Edgewise Practice

Dr. James Jensen – Excellence in Orthodontic Finishing and Differential Retention