Award Honorees


MSO Earl E. Shepard Distinguished Service Award Recipients

The MSO Earl E. Shepard Distinguished Service Award was created in 1987 to honor Dr. Shepard and recognize those orthodontists who perform service to mankind in a combination of service to orthodontics and service in other areas in dentistry and/or their state or local community. These efforts may go unnoticed since MSO members who have a national presence should not be eligible for this award.

2023 Brian R. Jesperson
2022 Thomas M. Stark
2021 Deborah J. Lien
2020 Ross L. Crist
2019 James W. Osborne
2018 James G. Klarsch
2017 Dennis D. Sommers
2016 Jacqueline M. Miller
2015 John S. Kanyusik
2014 Arnold J. Hill
2013 Keith Levin
2012 Michael S. Hipp
2011 Francis P. Green
2010 J. Franklin Whipps
2009 Michael A. Fuchs
2008 Steven D. Marshall
2007 Francis J. Miller
2006 Kenneth C. Marshall
2005 Russell T. Kittleson
2004 Bailey N. Jacobson
2003 Stephen F. Litton
2002 James R. Hugg
2001 Jeffrey L. Schauder
2000 James L. Jensen
1999 D. David Kinser
1998 Michael Matlof
1997 A. Howard Sather
1996 John J. Byrne
1995 Robert P. West
1994 Robert E. Bedell
1993 Harold Y. Arai
1992 Lloyd E. Pearson
1991 John Abra
1990 William S. Brandhorst
1989 Philip J. Maschka
1988 Roger J. Fredsall
1987 Mylon B. Morris