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Top 10 from MSO 2020 Annual Session

International Orthodontic Congress Reduced WFO Membership Fee

news article 9-17-2020

Reduced WFO Membership Fee Current WFO Fellows & NEW Member Applicants

WFO fellows enjoy the membership benefit of being able to register for the upcoming International Orthodontic Congress (9th IOC) at the WFO member reduced registration rate.

There is an additional bonus available

If you register for the IOC you may add 5 years** to your WFO membership or sign up for a 5 year* NEW membership for only $180.
This is a $50 discount that brings WFO membership to only $36 per year and avoids membership fee increases for 5 years. Current WFO FELLOWS and NEW MEMBER APPLICANTS can register for the 9th IOC at the WFO Member rate, saving $220.
Post graduate students who will graduate before December 31, 2021 can also take advantage of this offer.
9th International Orthodontic Congress Details:
  • You can access the IOC from your home or office computer in your own time
  • The conference will be streamed from 4th – 6th October and then all presentations will be available to registrants on demand from 7th October through to 3rd November
  • Over 100 international speakers and over 50 hours of lectures
  • 800+ e-posters
  • Virtual exhibitor exhibition
  • 25th WFO Anniversary Celebration of the WFO (The IOC takes place once every 5 years)
  • Full conference details – program, speakers, registration, etc. at
    *The American Association of Orthodontists organized and is a founding affiliate member of he World Federation of Orthodontists and has previously hosted the IOC.
    ** If you do not register or cancel your registration for the IOC, your special offer membership will drop from 5 years to 3 years. Attendance will be verified by December 31, 2020.

    Bernhardt & Wang new MSO directors

    Dr. melissa BernhardtThe MSO welcomes two new directors. Dr. Melissa Bernhardt replaceds Dr. David Gehring as the new director from Iowa. We thank David for his 8 years of service to the MSO. Melissa received her undergraduate education at the University of Northern Iowa and her dental and orthodontic education from the University of Iowa. She initially practiced in central Iowa and in 2007, she and Dr. Blair Smith opened offices in West Des Moines and Waukee. She is an adjunct faculty member for the University of Iowa College of Dentistry at Broadlawns Medical Center in Des Moines and is a past president of the Iowa Society of Orthodontists. She resides in Waukee with her husband, Jeff, and their three children, Shae, Regan and Dane. In her spare time, she enjoys watching her kids’ activities, reading and spending time with friends.

    Dr. Estee WangDr. Estee Wang replaced Dr. Nellie Kim-Weroha as the new director from Minnesota. Nellie moved up the ladder as an officer of the MSO. Estee received her undergraduate education at the University of California, Berkeley, her dental degree from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and her orthodontic training and Masters degree from the University of Michigan. She has two practices in the Twin Cities and has a special interest in the orthodontic treatment of patients with cleft/lip and palate and has taught part-time at the University of Minnesota. She is currently the president of the Minnesota Association of Orthodontists. In her spare time, Estee enjoys doing yoga, traveling and spending time with her husband and son.

    We welcome these two new directors to the MSO Board and look forward to their involvement and participation.

    Dr. Ross Crist - 2020 MSO Shepard Award Recipient

    Dr. Ross Crist - 2020 MSO Shepard Award RecipientMSO honors Dr. Ross Crist - Posthumous biography 

    Top 10 From the AAO Annual Session

    Top 10 AAO 2020 Annual Session

    Top 10 From the MSO Ad Interim Meeting

    Top 10 MSO Ad Interim Meeting 2020


    MSO Leadership at the
    MSO Ad Interim in March in St. Louis

    (left to right)  Mike Durbin, Ali Fallgatter, Spencer Pope, Mark Dake, Nellie Kim-Weroha, David Gehring, Deb Lien, Dennis Sommers, Daniel Keith, Ryan Van Laecken, Fabio Pinheiro, Mike LaFerla, Scott Arbit, Kristi Burmenister, and Jackie Miller

    MSO Leadership at the AAO 
    Professional Advocacy Conference, Washington, DC

    Prof Advocacy 2020(left to right front)  Drs. Kevin Horner, Eloisa Garcia, Lisa Kwarteng, Deb Lien, Daniel Keith, Scott Arbit, Ginny Mennemeyer, Ara Goshgarian, Emily Willett, Michael LaFerla, Mike Durbin

    (left to right back) Drs. Steven Dent, Peter Durbin, Dennis Sommers, Todd Thayer, Jacob Keller


    MSO Leaders Kick Up Heels at
    2020 AAO Leadership Development Conference
    in Austin

    Leadership 2020

    These MSO component and emerging leaders participated in the 2020 American Association of Orthodontists Leadership Development Conference held directly before the AAO Winter Meeting: (front row left to right) Drs. Doug Barden - Wisconsin, Scott Arbit - Wisconsin, Alisa Madson - Minnesota, John Firth - Missouri, David Sander - Missouri, Nellie Kim‐Weroha - Minnesota, Molly Kopf - Nebraska, Nate VanLaecken -South Dakota, Emer Ehlis - North Dakota. (back row left to right) Chris Wermerson - South Dakota, Robert Ward - Manitoba, Nick Smith - Iowa, Kristi Burmeister - MSO Executive Director, Eric Barnes - Illinois, Mike Durbin - MSO Trustee, and Daniel Keith - North Dakota. Also attending was University of Illinois - Chicago resident Peter Durbin.


    2019-2020 MSO Board

    MSO Board10.2019
    From L to R - Front: Drs. Keri Barrow, Nellie Kim-Weroha, Spencer Pope, Scott Arbit, Kevin Denis, Dan Keith
    Back: Drs. Emily Willett, David Gehring, Ali Fallgatter, Michael LaFerla, Mark Dake, Mike Durbin