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3D in-office printing!

Currently, one of the most exciting and rapidly-advancing technologies in orthodontics is 3D printing and in-house fabrication of aligners.  Implementing 3D printing at our office has allowed better control and customization of treatment, and I am excited to share a new AAO member resource to help bring in-house aligners to your practice - AAO TechSelect.  This resource provides a centralized website where members can get educational resources, review the equipment and software required, and lock-in best pricing with our TechSelect Corporate Partners.  To find out more, please check out AAO TechSelect at:

Matthew Larson - CTECH

Top 10 at AAO House of Delegates 2021

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Arbit ad interim 2021
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Bernhardt & Wang new MSO directors

Dr. melissa BernhardtThe MSO welcomes two new directors. Dr. Melissa Bernhardt replaced Dr. David Gehring as the new director from Iowa. We thank David for his 8 years of service to the MSO. Melissa received her undergraduate education at the University of Northern Iowa and her dental and orthodontic education from the University of Iowa. She initially practiced in central Iowa and in 2007, she and Dr. Blair Smith opened offices in West Des Moines and Waukee. She is an adjunct faculty member for the University of Iowa College of Dentistry at Broadlawns Medical Center in Des Moines and is a past president of the Iowa Society of Orthodontists. She resides in Waukee with her husband, Jeff, and their three children, Shae, Regan and Dane. In her spare time, she enjoys watching her kids’ activities, reading and spending time with friends.

Dr. Estee WangDr. Estee Wang replaced Dr. Nellie Kim-Weroha as the new director from Minnesota. Nellie moved up the ladder as an officer of the MSO. Estee received her undergraduate education at the University of California, Berkeley, her dental degree from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and her orthodontic training and Masters degree from the University of Michigan. She has two practices in the Twin Cities and has a special interest in the orthodontic treatment of patients with cleft/lip and palate and has taught part-time at the University of Minnesota. She is currently the president of the Minnesota Association of Orthodontists. In her spare time, Estee enjoys doing yoga, traveling and spending time with her husband and son.

We welcome these two new directors to the MSO Board and look forward to their involvement and participation.