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Top 10 from MSO Annual Session September 2018

Top 10 from the MSO Annual Session September 21-22

MSO Board 2018-2019

MSO board 2018
MSO Board of Directors (l to r front row): Drs. Mike Durbin, Kevin Denis, Ryan VanLaecken, Ali Fallgatter, Scott Arbit. (l to r back row) Drs. David Gehring, Emily Willett, Nelie Kim-Weroha, Spencer Pope, Daniel Keith, Mark Dake, John Kharouf, Conny Athanasopoulos. Absent Mike Maslowski.

MSO's members make Hill visits in May

Thank you MSO members for extending their stay after the AAO Annual Session in Washington, D.C. in May to take your top issues to the "Hill" during the AAO Professional Advocacy Conference for your patients and public health.

Hill visits May 2018

Drs. Cheryl Anderson-Cermin, Wisconsin; Rolf Behrents, Missouri; Mike Durbin, Illinois; Austin Foster, Iowa; Eloisa Garcia, Illinois; Ara Goshgarian, Illinois; Hani Hamdan, Minnesota; Arnie Hill, Minnesota; Kevin Horner, South Dakota; John Kharouf, South Dakota; Nellie Kim-Weroha, Minnesota; James Kolstad, Wisconsin; Brent Larson, Minnesota; Deb Lien, Minnesota; Jackie Miller, Missouri; Soumya Padala, Illinois; Pranav Patel, Illinois; Spencer Pope, Illinois; Allison Schubert, Nebraska; Dennis Sommers, North Dakota; Kimberley Stafford, Nebraska; Todd Thayer, Minnesota; Brian Wilson, Missouri; and Benjamin Youel, Illinois.

Update on the CAP

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MSO's Brent Larson installed as AAO President

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Top 10 from AAO Annual Session in Washington, D.C.

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MSO 2018 Ad Interim in St. Louis on March 9

MSO 2018 Ad Interim meeting

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News Article on Mail-Order Aligners

AAO Leadership Conference in Arizona in February 2018

AAO Leadership Conference 2018

Meet your future leaders who attended the AAO Leadership Conference in Arizona in February. Front left to right: MSO Executive Director Kristi Burmeister, Suzanne Stock, Judy Demro, Emily Willett. Back left to right: Eric Barnes, Mike LaFerla, Mike Durbin, Kevin Denis, David Mentz, Jim Haack, Aaron Anderson. (Conny Athanasopoulos was absent from the photo).

Mail-Order Braces News Featuring AAO Staff

AAO video from Council on Communications

AAO Strategic Planning Planning Committee

AAO-Startegic-PlanningMSO members who served on the AAO Strategic Planning Committee for 2017 are (L to R): Spencer Pope (IL), Mike Durbin (IL), Daniel Keith (ND), Brent Larson (MN), Deb Lien (MN), and Buzz Behrents (MO).