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MSO delegation to 2022 AAO House of Delegates

MSO delegation2022

L to R front: Drs. Keri Barrow, Daniel Keith, Estee Wang, Deb Lien, Nellie Kim-Weroha 
L to R back:  Kristi Burmeister, Drs. Mike Durbin, Dennis Sommers, Randall Markarian, Mark Dake, Ali Fallgatter, Emily Willett

Top 10 from MSO at the AAO 2022

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Attendees at MSO Ad Interim Board Meeting

Thanks to these leaders for participating in-person at the Friday, March 4 Board Meeting held at the American Association of Orthodontists headquarters:
(L to R front)  Drs. Melissa Bernhardt, Nellie Kim-Weroha, Keri Barrow, Spencer Pope, Deb Lien, Estee Wang
(L to R back)  Ms. Kristi Burmeister, Drs. Daniel Keith, Ali Fallgatter, Mark Dake, Dennis Sommers, Mike Durbin, Randall Markarian, Pat Foley
Not shown and participating virtually:  Drs. Michael LaFerla, Mike Masklowski, Fabio Pinheiro, Emily Willett

Top 10 from MSO 2022 Ad Interim Meeting

Click here for Top 10 from MSO 2022 Ad Interim

MSO attendees at AAO Leadership Conference 2022

MSO Leadership conf

Be watching for happy smiles from these colleagues serving currently in your component or MSO, or identified as emerging future leaders, attending the AAO Leadership Development Conference in Orlando: (L to R Front) Drs. Todd Connell, Mohammad Elnagar, Libby Graham, Spencer Pope, Meenakshi Vishwanath, Emily Willett; (Back) Chad Rasmussen, Anne Bronwen Richards, Ms. Kristi Burmeister, Kevin Kaiser, John Firth, Justin Firth, Brent Larson, Rachel Stiles and Greg Ross. Absent for the photo were Keri Barrow and Lauren Pass.

Top 10 from MSO 2021 Annual Session in Milwaukee

Top 10 from MSO 2021 Annual Session.pdf

MSO 2021-2022 Board of Directors

MSO Board 2021 - 2022

Front Row: Drs. Spencer Pope, Nellie Kim-Weroha, Estee Wang, Emily Willett, Melissa Bernhardt, Fabio Pinheiro (virtually), Keri Barrow, Daniel Keith
Back Row: Drs. Mike Durbin, Randall Markarian, Mark Dake, Mike Maslowski, Michael LaFerla

Markarian Installed as New Illinois Director

Dr Markarian-038-crop

The Midwestern Society of Orthodontists welcomed its newest director, Dr. Randall Markarian, at the October 2 MSO Annual Member Business Meeting in Milwaukee.

Randall received his undergraduate education at Washington University, St. Louis and his dental degree from Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine. After graduating dental school he attended St. Louis University for his orthodontic residency. Randall opened his first office in June 1994 immediately after completing his residency and now has two offices, Swansea and O'Fallon. He also taught at Southern Illinois University as the Section Head of Orthodontics from 1995-2000.

Randall served as president of the Illinois State Dental Society in 2018-2019 and was chair for the ADA Council on Dental Benefit Programs. Currently, he serves on the AAO Council on Orthodontic Programs.

He has been married to Annette for almost 30 years and they have three daughters – Grace, Gabrielle and Gillian. In his spare time, Randall likes to participate and watch motorsports and go skiing with his family.